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September 2013

Importance of Roof Flashing

Importance of Roof Flashing The roof of any structure is the most overlooked feature. Not only do building owners take it for granted, architects and unfortunately, some roofing companies, don’t spend the time to properly seal the roof from the effects of wind, rain, and snow. One key feature that is taken for granted by many is the flashing. Just what is the purpose of flashing? Let’s have a look. Read More

Finding a Flat Roof Contractor

Finding a roofing contractor around the Oakville, Burlington area can be a tough job. If you have a flat roof, you will know that it requires special materials that are more costly than standard roofing shingles used on a residential building. Now, add to the equation that you not only need specific materials, you need a contractor experienced enough to not only install the materials correctly, but also to stand Read More

My Green Roof

What would you think if you looked out the office window and gazed at a beautiful green roof lush with vegetation instead of the usual black tar and gravel? You would be amazed and wondering if you were seeing an illusion wouldn’t you? Well, that is not an illusion anymore. Green roofs are here and starting to build in popularity. What is a green roof you ask? A green roof Read More

Winter is Coming, Time to Prepare

Winter is Coming, Time to Prepare As summer winds down and the leaves prepare to start falling, now is a good time to have your flat roof inspected for possible problems. By the time the snow hits the ground, our phone will be ringing off the hook with customers calling us because their roof is leaking,  and water damage is starting to occur on the inside of the building. Why Read More