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October 2013

Common Problems and their Solutions for Flat Roofs

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Common Problems and their Solutions for Flat Roofs There are many buildings that have a low slope or flat roof. It works well for most commercial buildings and many residential installations. However, they are like any other roof in that they require maintenance and do have their own typical problems. Despite the simpler design, they are prone to leaks, have issues with flashing, and do not last if installed by Read More

Modified Bituminous Membrane

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The Modified Bituminous Membrane (MBM), is a traditional waterproofing method for flat roofs. It has been around a long time for the main reason that it works well and lasts a long time. When other methods have been used to waterproof your roof and failed, the MBM will most likely do the job. What are the Advantages? The advantages of this material are numerous. It has a proven track record Read More

Flat Roof Snow Removal

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Flat Roof Snow Removal Fall weather is here, and it won’t be long until the snow starts to fall. Here in Southern Ontario snow accumulation is usually relatively light, but at times we do get significant snow falls. When we do you need to pay attention to your flat roof. Snow accumulation on a flat roof can be a serious problem. If you were to take 1 cubic foot of Read More

What is a Flat Roof?

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Everyone knows what a roof is but how do you define what a flat roof is? Some roofs have a slight slop but are technically flat. So just what is a flat roof? A flat roof, or low-slope roof as it is commonly called in the industry, is any roof with a slight incline. An incline is needed for any roof, even low-slope roofs, to accommodate rain run-off. Failure to Read More