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December 2013

Warm Roof vs. Cold Roof

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When you think of roofs, chances are you believe the only way they could be warm or cold is in the summer or winter. The truth is, flat roofs come in two different configurations depending on how the architect designed it. The difference between the two types of roofs is rather simple when you look at it, however, the initial cost of construction and the overall cost savings between the Read More

DIY Roof Repair

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If you are like a lot of homeowners, you probably like fixing things yourself. Maybe on a weekend, you and your buddies get together to do a little home improvement around the house. There is that small, flat roof you have over the top of the porch that has a tear in it. A trip to the local Big-Box store reveals there are some supplies you could use to put Read More

Deck the Halls: How to Decorate Your Building Without Damaging the Roof

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The holiday season is fast approaching. If you are like most people, you have not finished or even started decorating your house or building with fancy lights and ornaments. Before you do there are some tips and safety concerns you need to address before attempting any work on or around your roof. Ladder Safety Unless you live in an underground shelter, there is no other way to get to your Read More