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February 2014

A Green Roof Means a Clean Roof

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Landscapers have finally done it. They have headed to the roof tops to show off their latest creation — the green roof. What is a green roof exactly? Well, it’s not your typical asphalt roof that is standard for most flat roofed buildings. It is a lush carpet of vegetation specifically designed to enhance the beauty of the building, save energy, and increase the longevity of the roof. You may Read More

Should Your Flat Roof Be Sloped?

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Should Your Flat Roof Be Sloped? That is a question that comes up from time to time. Building owners often find water pooling on the roof, or it is draining in the wrong direction. This is not caused by poor workmanship when the roof was installed; instead it happens with some roofs. A flat roof, over time, can develop sagging in the middle areas or the building itself may settle Read More

Is Your Roof Weathering the Storm?

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The recent snow and ice storms we have may mean you can have some fun with that new snowmobile you purchased last spring, but they take their toll on your roof. Snow build-up on your roof is common this time of year. It is to be expected. However, when we have large accumulations of snow like we have had recently; special attention to your roof is needed. A roof, no Read More