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March 2014

Part 2: Pros & Cons of Converting a Low-Sloped Roof to a Pitched Roof

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OK. So this has to be done correctly. What now? Hiring The Best Contractor When you have decided to go ahead with your roof modifications, you need to hire a contractor that is experienced and preferably, specialized in low-slope roofs. A general roofing contractor will probably not have the knowledge about low-sloped roofs that a specialist has. Here in Burlington and Oakville, roofing contractors who specialize in low-sloped roofs can Read More

Pros and Cons of Converting a Low-Sloped Roof to a Pitched Roof

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When the snow starts to melt and home and business owners start to see leaks in their low-sloped roof, calls to flat roofing contractors in Oakville and Burlington increase. Not all the calls are for repairs however; a fair amount of them is from customers looking to convert their low-sloped roof to a standard, pitched roof. Why would a customer want to do this? Most calls are from residential customers Read More

Winter Thaw Could Lead To Leaky Roof

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It has been a long winter but finally there is a break in the cold weather we have been having. If you have a flat roof and are located around Oakville or Burlington, then you should keep a watchful eye out for leaks and ponding water. Roofing companies in Oakville and Burlington area see an increase in problems when the annual spring melt begins. Snow that has built up on Read More

The Benefits of Green Roofing [Infographic]

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The Benefits of Green Roofing Green roof systems are part of an existing roofing structure that has a high quality water proof and root repellant system, drainage system, filter cloth and covered with plants. Green roofs provide many benefits to both the environment and the building owner. We’ve created the following infographic to show you the main benefits of having a green roof. If you’re interested in one, just let Read More