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April 2014

10 Common Roof Problems – Part 2

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Last week we looked at leaks, blow-offs, and poor workmanship as three common roofing problems found here in the GTA. Flat roofing contractors see not only these, but also several more issues as we will see as we continue our look at common roofing problems. 7. Lack of Maintenance There are numerous reasons not to neglect your building – including financial implications to name just one. However, if you are Read More

10 Common Roof Problems

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As a building manager or even a homeowner, eventually you will have to deal with an unforeseen problem with your roof. Flat roofing contractors commonly see the same low-sloped roof problems no matter what type of building. Low-sloped roofs, like any other roof structure, are prone to premature failure for one reason or another, just like any other building sub-structure. To give you an idea of what you may have Read More

April Showers Mean Leaky Roofs

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The fact is – roofs leak. Roofs are designed to be as water-proof as possible but if you have neglected your roof or it is getting old, it will eventually leak. With the spring thaw finally here and the rain coming down, flat roofing contractors are getting a lot of calls. What should you do now that you have arrived at work to find a large puddle on the floor Read More