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May 2014

Introduction to Green Roofing

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A green roof is a specialized roofing system that supports vegetation grown above the roofing system. The complexity of the green roof depends on the type of system used. Here in the Burlington and Oakville area (and throughout the GTA), green roofs can either be intensive or extensive or modular in design. Green roofs also have a wide array of benefits ranging from economical to environmental. An intensive system of Read More

What Is So Important About Roof Flashing

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All buildings have doors, windows, and mechanical equipment entering through walls and roof openings, and all of these are designed to keep water from infiltrating the interior of the building. One thing, however, that most people don’t even consider a vital part of the building, is the roof flashing. A well-constructed, flat roof, complete with a drainage system, is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the Read More

Top 7 Home Improvements That Add The Most Value [Infographic]

Top 7 Home Improvements That Add The Most Value Some renovations you make to your home will give you a better return on investment (ROI) than others. Home improvement projects that aren’t specific to the current homeowner such as bathroom remodels and kitchen renovations all boost the sales price of most homes. Which home improvements can make the biggest difference in the price of a home and give you the Read More

Weathering The Storm – A Look At Asphalt vs. Coal Tar Roofing

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Here in the GTA, bituminous roofing materials are just as welcome as they were back in the early days as they are now. But why are they still popular and where did they come from? Bituminous roofing becomes popular First introduced to the roofing industry prior to WWII, bitumens dominated the industry. The two types where coal tar pitch which is a by-product of the process of making coke, which Read More