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June 2014

Black or White Roof – Ying or Yang

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Today, most people are concerned about climate change and doing the “right thing” for the environment. People cut back on power consumption, purchase energy efficient appliances and cars, and purchase products that help the environment. However, here in Oakville, Burlington and the GTA area, when it comes to flat roofs, energy conservation and a specifically a green roof, is greatly lacking. Maybe it is lack of awareness of what is Read More

Flat Roofing Costs

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If you have a new commercial building or are looking at replacing your flat or low-sloped roof, you may be curious as to the cost of the job. Here in the GTA, prices vary from one company to another so it is important to get at least three estimates before proceeding with hiring a contractor. One thing you do not want to do is pick the contractor with the lowest Read More

How to Insulate a Residential Flat Roof

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So, how do you insulate a flat roof or ensure you have adequate insulation already installed? That is a question asked by a lot of homeowners when it comes to their flat roofs. Inadequate insulation costs money. Not to mention the increase in discomfort both in the winter and the summer. So having a properly insulated flat roof not only saves you money, it increases your comfort levels by maintaining Read More

How to Tell if your Roof Shingles Need Replaced – Part 2

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Last week, we determined what style and type of roof we have on our house and started looking at some typical problems associated with asphalt shingled roofs. This week, we will continue our look at the most common types of damage and wear we find on shingled roofs here in the Burlington and Oakville area. Loss of Granules – Granule loss is a normal part of aging asphalt shingles. It Read More