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August 2014

5 Benefits Of Having A Flat Roof For Your Commercial Building

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Flat roof or peaked roof? It’s an age-old battle that will probably never end. Supporters of each roof style have compelling arguments, but when it comes to your commercial building, the flat roof is truly the best way to go. It’s not just about fitting in with the rest of the flat-roofed commercial buildings in your area; it’s about choosing the architectural style that best suits the needs of the Read More

6 Causes of Leaking Roofs [Infographic]

6 Causes of Leaking Roofs There are several problems that could be causing your commercial or residential flat roof to start leaking. In the following infographic we discuss six of the main causes of leaking flat roofs including snow and ice, standing water, age, inferior building materials, poor maintenance and roof vent problems. Before diagnosing the problem yourself, contact a professional to inspect your roof thoroughly to see if there Read More

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Flat Roof

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Nothing lasts forever, but with proper care and maintenance, your flat roof can certainly outlast its warranty by many years. Many home and commercial building owners fear that flat roofs are more susceptible to leaks and damage than pitched roofs, but in fact the opposite can be true. As long as you make the effort to inspect and care for your roof on a regular basis, there is nothing to Read More

5 Common Noise Issues With Flat Roofs (And How To Fix Them)

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Flat roofs are not immune to noise problems, especially if they are not well-built or well-maintained. While no roof is sound-proof, there are certain repairs and replacements that can be done to reduce the sound of rain or hail, and the banging noises that many unfortunate home-owners do experience from time to time. The most common noise issues with flat roofs are banging, loud rain, snapping/popping sounds, heat-related cracking, and Read More