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September 2014

5 Common Reasons for Commercial Roof Repair

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Although flat roofing isn’t usually the first choice for home builders in Canada, it is the most popular choice for commercial builders. Contrary to popular opinion, this type of roofing is neither perfectly “flat,” nor does it pose more maintenance problems than a pitched roof. That said, every type of roof needs regular maintenance and repair to keep it working properly. Whether your roof is pitched, flat, skillion or bonnet, Read More

The Most Common Flat Roofing Materials

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Flat roofing is used in so many different parts of the world that in some cases, they barely resemble each other. Cultural differences equate to differences in architectural style and material choices from one place to another. In fact, there are over a dozen types of flat roofing materials that are used by modern builders. Among these materials we find asphalt, fibreglass, coal-tar and many different types of manufactured rubber and Read More

5 Ways To Make Your Roof More Green

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What is a green roof? “Green” is a term that is often used to describe an object or process that is beneficial to the natural environment of a space, or at least less detrimental than other run-of-the-mill items. A hybrid car versus an SUV, for example. But what of construction, and roofing in particular? What things can homeowners, business owners and builders do to make their roofing more “green?” It’s Read More

How Long Does Roof Insulation Last?

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There are many ways to insulate a roof, from the classic pink fibreglass pillows to wood fibres and perlite boards. Which works the best, and lasts the longest? The truth is, each type of roof insulation can be a great, long-lasting choice so long as it is installed properly and not directly exposed to extreme weather conditions. In fact, most modern insulation products are expected to last the lifetime of Read More

What is a Green Roof?

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A green roof is covered either partially or completely by living plants and some kind of substrate in which the roots will anchor themselves. This is actually not an altogether new idea, although it has gathered a great deal of momentum over the last few years. Traditional pioneer homes across the Canadian prairies were topped with sod – a layer of growing grass and dirt – as insulation. Why the Read More