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October 2014

5 Ideas for your Building’s Flat Roof

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These days, flat roofs aren’t just a way to cut down on construction costs and commercial space – they’re a well-built, creative part of many homes, cottages and office buildings. Whether you have a section of flat roof on your house or commercial building, there are plenty of design ideas that will make it more aesthetically appealing – not to mention functional. Are you envisioning a patio space, or a Read More

What is a Living Roof?

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More and more often these days, you are likely hearing the phrase “living roof” or “green roof.” Though the concept and design of a living roof seems quite modern, the truth is far more complex. In fact, green roofs have been used for thousands of years by societies like the Norse, the Babylonians and the early European pioneers in Canada. So just what is this mysterious, retro roofing composed of? Read More

Why It’s Worth It To Have Professionals Install Your Residential Flat Roof

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If you’re a homeowner, chances are good that you have a few solid DIY skills. Maybe you’ve become the best plumber or painter in the neighbourhood – or even turned a decrepit old house into a charming, beautiful dwelling. Having building and repair skills is great, but when it comes to installing a residential flat roof, it’s best to bring in the experts. It’s understandable that you may want to Read More

How to Perform Winter Flat Roof Maintenance

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You probably already know that no matter how structurally sound your flat roof is, it needs regular maintenance to outlast its warranty. Flat roof or pitched roof, they all need some TLC to survive. This is especially the case in harsh climates where powerful rain, wind, snow and hail can inflict damage from season to season. In Canada, winter flat roof maintenance is very important to the lifespan of any Read More