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Residential Roofing Contractor

At Essential Flat Roofing we understand the importance of budgets and time frames. Not only can we work with and existing budget, or help create a budget, but we can also help with the scope of work. Based on our extensive experience installing residential flat roofs on new builds, we can help stream line the scope of work to help make the job go as smooth as possible.

We can also offer time, and material saving, sloped roof insulations to insure that the new roof doesn’t hold any unsightly and damaging water.

We can also offer residential flat roof systems that don’t require “fire” to weld the materials together. Not only is this much more practical, its also a much safer and responsible method of roofing that doesn’t jeopardize the new home.

Lately, there’s been a Huge boom in contemporary styles of residential building. These new and modern style are mainly built with flat roofs. We can offer modern, high tech, and reflective TPO membranes that suit the home perfectly. We are also able to finish off these beautiful new homes with custom made metal flashing, fabricated in our own metal shop.

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