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Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

Finding the Right Contractor

Being pro-active with your roof is far better than rushing to find a contractor when there is a leak. Roofing contractors in Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton are plentiful but finding the best one for your particular roof can be a challenge. There are so many types of roofs, and materials differ so widely, it can be frustrating to know who to call and what exactly you need. You want to save money, but you do not want a “cheap” job that is not going to stand up to the harsh winters and long summers we have here in Southern Ontario. So, what are some things you should look for in a roofing contractor? Here are some tips to help you decide on a roofing contractor in Oakville and the surrounding areas.

Do your research – Shop around for a combination of the best price and the most professional company you can find. It is best to talk to your friends and people you work with to see if they have had any experiences with roofing contractors. Go online to a social networking site for your area and ask there. People are always willing to talk about good and bad experiences with contractors. Another good place to seek out a professional roofer is to call or go online to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They may have a list of good and bad contractors in your area.

Shop around – Do not go with the first estimate you come across even if the roofing contractor sounds like a good one. Roofing contractors in Oakville range from professional business-people to contractors looking forward to making a quick buck, with the majority hovering around the middle to top portion. Get a few estimates and compare them to each other. Make a note as to how courteous the salesman was, and if they actually went on the roof to inspect it. A good contractor will always go on your roof to get a better idea of the work involved.

Don’t succumb to high-pressure sales – If someone comes to your door wanting to sell you a new roof because they are “in the area,” be wary. Don’t let them pressure you into buying something you can’t afford or don’t need. Never sign anything from a door-to-door salesperson. Unless you are a lawyer, you may not know what you are signing.

Trust your feelings – If you feel uneasy with a contractor, don’t hire them. You want to feel comfortable working with them and have a good rapport before any work is done. That way, if you have any questions or need to negotiate further, you are in a good standing with the contractor, and you will feel more at ease with the work being done and the price you are paying.

Get it in writing – If you do nothing else, get a written estimate so you know what exactly is being done. If you don’t do this, and something goes wrong, you have nothing to back up your story. Make sure the contractor states exactly what work is being performed, the price of the work, the type and manufacturer of the materials, and what the work includes and does not include in the estimate you were given. Any good contractor will give this to you before they start the work, but if they don’t, ask for it before you allow them to start working on your roof.

If you have everything in writing, you can, then compare estimates and get a better understanding of the type of work and the type and quality of the materials being used so you can make a better decision about who to use.

No matter what type of roof you have, whether it be flat, sloped, or some other type, when looking for a roofing contractor in Oakville, always get three estimates in writing and don’t rush to sign a contract.