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What to Look for In a Flat Roof Contractor

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When it comes to hiring a flat roof contractor there is one basic rule to keep in mind: don’t skimp While going with the lowest price may be tempting, it’s not always the best option. But basing the decision to hire a contractor on pricing alone is a common mistake. Unfortunately though, this often results in a roof that’s improperly installed. One that’s more likely to experience leaks in the Read More

How to Use a DIY Flat Roof Kit

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While installing a flat roof is a job that is often best left to the professionals, there are certain times when installing your own flat roof might be an ideal option. There are a number of different flat roofing options, but one of the simplest, most effective ways to go about installing your own roof is by using a flat roof installation kit; essentially a flat roof in a box. Read More

What Is the Best Flat Roof System

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While it’s easy to get caught up in the different terms, and confused by the variety of options that are available for flat roofing systems, choosing the right system for your building shouldn’t be difficult. Since no two buildings are the same, there is a range of different roofing systems available for you to choose from. However, the best roofing option is one that’s chosen with your needs in mind: Read More

New Trends in Roofing Material and Building Processes

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Are you in the market for a new roof? New trends in roofing this year have seen a real surge in eco-friendly and green roofing materials and building practices. There’s also emphasis on durability, and long-lasting roofing options, as well as a move towards stylish and modern roofs that have character. If you’re looking for some ideas for your new roof, or just interested in keeping up-to-date on the latest Read More

Top 7 Home Improvements That Add The Most Value [Infographic]

Top 7 Home Improvements That Add The Most Value Some renovations you make to your home will give you a better return on investment (ROI) than others. Home improvement projects that aren’t specific to the current homeowner such as bathroom remodels and kitchen renovations all boost the sales price of most homes. Which home improvements can make the biggest difference in the price of a home and give you the Read More

6 Reasons Your Roof Needs Replacing

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6 Reasons Your Roof Needs Replacing Eventually your roof is going to need to be replaced. More and more is being done to extend the life of a buildings roof, and the technology has come a far way, but nothing lasts forever. While a repair job is sometimes the right choice, there are six main ways to tell if your roof needs replacing. Your roof is buckling There is major Read More