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What is a Flat Roof?

Everyone knows what a roof is but how do you define what a flat roof is? Some roofs have a slight slop but are technically flat. So just what is a flat roof? A flat roof, or low-slope roof as it is commonly called in the industry, is any roof with a slight incline. An incline is needed for any roof, even low-slope roofs, to accommodate rain run-off. Failure to build an incline in a roof system will result in ponding of water, which can lead to leaks and structural problems.

So, what are the benefits of using a low-sloped roof system?

A common plus for the low-sloped roof is they are oftentimes cheaper than the alternative pitched roof for large buildings and small extensions on houses. They are also more convenient to install and if installed correctly, will last a lot longer than the traditional pitched roof.

Low-slope roofs are commonly used when building large, commercial buildings for several reasons. They offer easy access to the roof, allowing mechanical devices such as heaters and air conditioners to be installed and can accommodate other necessary equipment without taking up space inside the building.

With energy efficiency becoming the key when it comes to building designs, the low-sloped roof allows solar panels to be easily installed, and they operate much more efficiently than they would on a pitched roof making them ideal for energy conscious building owners.

Homeowners also benefit from low-slope roofs when it comes to their houses. Often, small structures are built onto the house after it has been constructed. The low-slope roof makes an ideal additon as it is easily incorporated into the existing structure. When building an addition, it is sometimes necessary to completely replace a pitched roof to accommodate the new structure, but with a low-slope roof, it is easily incorporated into the existing structure without modifications.

When it comes time to install or repair a low-slope roof, you need an expert in flat roof maintenance and installation to do the job. These kinds of roofs require special materials and knowledge of installation if they are going to last the decades they are designed to do.

When calling a roofing company, make certain they are knowledgeable in all the materials that are available in order to give you the most affordable and longest lasting roof you can purchase.

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